Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Did It!! Chicago School Board Approves Turnarounds

"We were all scared to breathe.  We closed our eyes and held hands and then one by one they voted to approve every one of the proposed actions unanimously!  We hoped for 3 or 4 schools, but we got a shut out!" cried Last Stand for Children's Monica Caldwell

Ms. Caldwell could be forgiven her excitement as everybody at Last Stand for Children First was ecstatic over the Chicago School Board's decision to turn around every single school on the list.  Only a few hours earlier Caldwell had joined dozens of other speakers at the open meeting. Caldwell's impassioned speech urged the Board to not be dissuaded by the poor academic performance of earlier turnarounds, the overwhelming parental sentiment against the turnarounds, or the deaths of students like Derrion Albert who were victims of previous turnaround policy, but instead to "make a bold move against the status quo, by continuing the 15 year old policy of turning around schools."

"Mayor Emanuel showed real leadership," said Last Stand for Children Director Myron Miner, "It isn't easy to stand up to crying children and angry parents.  A lot of people might have felt guilty and backed down.  That's why Emanuel is such a great mayor.  He doesn't back down.   I never believed it would be possible that the Board would approve every single one of these actions, but I guess having an appointed board makes it much easier.  I think the tears of children are like anything.  After awhile, you kind of build up a resistance."

The Board has shown that facts and opposition won't stop them from doing what is best for the students of Chicago and that's something we can all celebrate.


  1. Brilliant! There's nothing like leadership that destroys hope and community.

  2. Hey Myron,
    Don't forget LSC elections are coming up. I know you are already full swing into trying to get LS4CF candidates on the ballot, but after this vote today, you know those pesky union-controlled "parents" and "community members" will try to run too. We must shut them down and sweep these elections It is the only way to save our children and upset the status quo.

    Ms. Caldwell was great today. She really stuck it to those people at the meeting when they asked her what school she was from. Her silence was the best response we could have hoped for. Keep up the great work! Well I'm beat. It was a long, exciting day. Time to have the maid turn down the bed.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again, in the face of opposition from the people whose lives will be affected, it takes real courage to stand up for the interests of the rich and powerful.

    Thank you, sir, for helping to make sure that money and resources go to the people who've already demonstrated they know what to do with them.

    Why, to even think that parents and teachers might be given a say in how the schools are managed!

  4. You are not standing for My children. I Am! Stand For your own children and stop trying to take over our communities. This is another Rosewood for our community. So called Do-Gooders trying to steal our land. Didn't this happen in AFRICA?