Thursday, March 21, 2013

Controversial Video Game Draws Mayoral Ire

The Mayors of New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago have called on video game manufacturer Satan's Child Games to pull School Closing Fight from store shelves for it's over the top violence and depiction of urban life.

The controversial game manufacturer first caught the public's eye with Evil Bus Driver, a game where you tried to crash into buses filled with helpless orphans and force them off the road.  However, according to Philadelphia's Mayor Nutter, this time the game company has "gone too far."

In School Closing Fight, players take the part of either a hardened criminal or a public school student who is forced to cross into their territory because their neighborhood school has been closed.   The student gains points for survival, while the hardened criminal earns points by removing the students' IPads from their backpacks.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was outraged saying, "The idea that students would be given an IPad and then sent out into these deplorable and violent streets is obsurd.  A game that would encourage people to play the part of somebody who attacks students to get their IPads is disgusting."

New York Mayor Bloomberg announced that he would seek legislation to ban the video game, which "features an unacceptable level of violence."

We at Last Stand for Children First usually agree with these three great city mayors, but this seems like a big deal for a video game.  I mean it is just a game, right?

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