Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LS4C1 Interviews Bruce Louder on Chicago Education Reform

Back in 2010 when we were just a fledgling operation with a $12,000,000 operating budget and no idea how to spend it, it was Bruce Louder who suggesting we come to Chicago and make a stand for education reform.   The rest, as they say is history.  Chicago has just been through a very tumultuous week and a half as the greedy Chicago Teachers Union turned its collective back on the children and went on strike.  In an attempt to save face, we we lucky enough to be granted an interview with Mr. Louder.
LS4C1:  Welcome Mr. Louder.  Since the Chicago teacher strike, you've been outspoken in your criticism of the Chicago Teachers Union.  You have called the new contract the first step in a continuing war with the teachers union.  What is your issue exactly with the union.

BL:  First, let me say we have no problem with the hard working teachers of Chicago.  They work long hours on and off the clock, spend their own money to buy supplies, and generally make great sacrifices for the children of our city.  Our problem is with the union who believes they should be somehow entitled to a fair wage and good working conditions.   

Union bosses like Karen Lewis and her horde are basically politicians.  They haven't taught a class in 2 years.  Worse still, none of them has the business sense or skill to manage a hedge fund.   That should tell you something right there.

LS4C1:   You mention hedge funds.  I take it this is because of your belief that business style competition is the key to improving education?

BL: Look, one of my hobbies is dog fighting.  I raise pit bulls and if you've ever heard the expression, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog, that's true.  In order to get the best fighters we reward the winners and destroy the losers.  We don't congratulate the dog that loses the fight?  We should be doing the same type of competition to find the best teachers.   

When you look at the strike vote only 98% of the people voting voted to authorize the strike.   We need to find that other 2% and start there.   Let's separate those outstanding teachers from the union that rewards mediocrity.  Parents too will be our natural allies once they realize that because their teacher is pleasant and their child seems to be learning doesn't mean they're being prepared for rigorous standardized testing.

LS4C1:  We took some criticism for radio ads we did after the strike authorization vote and during the strike itself.  Do you think that was fair?


BL:  No of course not.   I think that for some reason, criticizing teachers is just something that's not allowed in the mainstream media.

LS4C1: Thank you Mr. Louder.  I can't wait until you are our governor and we can see some real reform.

BL: Thank you Myron.

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