Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Teachers Refuse to Return to Work

A funny thing happened on the way to ending the strike.  The Chicago Teachers Union refused to vote on a tentative agreement and instead demanded to be able to read the agreement before voting.  This unreasonable demand meant that school children would be unable to return until Wednesday and earned the ire of several Chicago alderman.  The alderman had set a great example for the untrusting teachers by agreeing to several contracts like selling off Chicago's parking meters without reading the contracts.

Obviously, the greedy teachers are striking over pay and their own cushy jobs.  Mayor Emanuel attempted to get an injunction today, because the greedy teachers refused to negotiate over pay and instead attempted to negotiate over classroom learning conditions that they are prohibited from striking over by law. 

Unfortunately, the teachers are attempting to take over the system.  They wish to have input in education policy instead of leaving it to the bankers and business people who belong in charge.  The only good thing is that a hundred parent groups have popped up in the week since the strike began--well financed by hedge fund managers and ready to channel the rage of the 1/3 of CPS parents who don't support the teachers in the strike.   Whether it's Children First, Students First, First Children, First Students, Parent Power, Power for Parents, or any existing group, there are now enough parent groups that organizations like Stand for Children will soon no longer be alone as the only parent group with only 1 member.  In fact, one parent group made all parents automatic members.

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