Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrate School Choice Week

This week is school choice week.   This is one week we celebrate the right of charter schools to choose which students they will teach and which ones will be counseled out.   I believe preserving that right for charter schools may well be the civil rights issue of our time.

In many cities, there are tremendous private schools, but those schools are always at a disadvantage because parents are forced to pay nearly the entire cost of their child's education out of their own pocket.  What makes charter schools so great is that it's a way for parents to get that great elite feeling that only the best private schools provide, while doing so at taxpayer expense.  This is why people the Koch Brothers and their organization Americans for Prosperity love School Choice Week so much.

Whether you have a student in a charter student or maybe one that's been counseled out because they were too expensive to teach, a discipline problem,  or just got low test scores, let's all raise a glass to charter schools this school choice week.  Their right to be selective is under constant attack and it's important to use this week to remind ourselves to stay vigilant.


  1. Thanks again for having the vision, boldness and courage to defend the rich and powerful, who are the ones behind charter schools.

    If not for them and people like you, education might be left in the hands of teachers and local communities.

  2. AUSL? Amazing!

    How good are they? AUSL raised student test scores before they even taught their students! This is the type of proven education reform that we can all believe in!

    From Catalyst:
    "At Morton and Howe —the two highest-performing AUSL turnaround schools—students at the schools in the fall of the first year of the turnaround had significantly higher reading performance than students from the prior, according to the Consortium."