Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Congressman Jack Kimble Unveils Our Legislative Agenda

I grew up in olive country.  From a young age, I saw young children on my father's farm working hard to grab their piece of the American dream even as the hard work turned their skin to leather and gnarled their hands.   Sure, the vast majority of those kids were here illegally, but I have always been struck with the inhumane conditions they were willing to put up with, in order to have a chance at a better life.

Our children don't face the same struggles that those children had, but their grasp on the American is just as tenuous.  Sure, no employer is going to cheat them or call INS to do a raid just before the end of harvesting to avoid having to pay them, but inadequate schools put them at a serious disadvantage.

The problem is teachers, like all public employees, have gotten lazy.  They have stopped teaching our kids and as a result our kids have stopped learning.   As Michelle Rhee said, "If you have a pulse and can pass a background check, you can get hired as a public school teacher."

Michelle Rhee would certainly know this.  After all, she got hired to be a teacher without a teaching degree and wasn't fired even after she put tape on her students' mouths, causing them to bleed.

The people who do care about children in this country are billionaires.  Philanthropists like Bill Gates, Eli Broad, and Sam Walton are the ones who care about the children and that makes sense.  As billionaires they have the most to lose by an inadequate education system.  To be sure parents play an important part too.  They look great on camera at our events and in states with the parent trigger, they play an important role in getting rid of public schools for a charter alternative.

While my position with Last Stand is only honorary, I will be pushing our legislative agenda.  These are the things that we believe are important for the future of our nation and our children:

1. The Survivor Option - The time has come to tie teacher evaluations to standardized testing.  We favor quarterly testing with the bottom two teachers fired at the end of each quarter unless they have completed some sort of competitive task as chosen by the principal.

2. Any teacher who received a complaint from either a parent or student will be returned to probationary status and in the case of a second complaint the teacher will be immediately dismissed.

3. We support the parent trigger, which allows parents to get rid of lazy public servants in favor of a friendly corporation run charter school.

4. We are in favor of dropping all investigations of financial irregularities at Imagine Charter Schools.

5. We are in favor of prohibiting Teachers Unions from any collective bargaining with school districts although they will  still be allowed to request pay increases where appropriate.

6. We believe that white children from wealthy backgrounds make the best teachers for urban schools regardless of whether or not they have teaching credentials.  For that reason, we favor increasing support for programs like Teach For America, who have proved excellent suppliers of uncertified wealthy kids.

7. We wish to limit curriculum to reading, math, and a bit of science so that we may better compete with other countries.

8. We favor making the Bush tax cuts permanent and ending the death tax so that the wealthy will have more money to spend supporting school reform.

If you agree with our agenda, I hope you will join Last Stand for Children First.  Isn't it time we put children first at last?


  1. Dear Rep. Kimble: thanks for standing up for our kids; someone had to do it, and I'm glad it was you!

  2. I've often thought that the best role models for minority students from the inner cities are white ivy leaguers from well-to-do families who are excited and eager to teach*!
    So thank you for standing up for our kids, because you speak for our children, because you are for the children and anyone who disagrees with you is not for the children... which you are for.

    *At least until they get accepted into law school or wall street calls.

  3. Are you serious?
    Are you credible?
    Where is your data to back up your factoids?
    This has to be a joke only I am not laughing.