Sunday, October 2, 2011

The High Frustration of Higher Education

You know that high performance sports car that you have sitting in the garage?  No, not the Mustang; I'm talking about the Jaguar.  Sure, Jaguar is a mark of excellence and fine British engineering, but let's face it--Jaguar's are forever needing service and finding parts is a real pain.  So what do you do?  You can't exactly put Ford Focus parts into a Jaguar.

I imagine working in the admissions department at the University of Phoenix must be a lot like owning a Jaguar.   You have this elite university, but where can you get students who are capable of taking advantage of the world class education you can provide?  The public schools have failed.  That's been clear already by the less than stellar record that University of Phoenix graduates have in the job market.  The problem rests with our nation's public schools.

One thing that education reformers and advocates for the status quo both fail to see is the harm that poor public schools do cause for institutions of higher learning like University of Phoenix.  Even statistics showing what percentage of students are college ready fail to show what percentage of students are ready for elite schools like UP.

I believe that UP realized this as well and that's why they've spent a lot of money advocating for reform.  Programs like Education Nation have been sponsored very heavily by UP because they know quality education doesn't only prepare quality students, it prepares Phoenixes.


  1. My niece, with her UP degree can't even get a job pouring coffee in Starbucks.

  2. You speak in generalities. Public Education has failed. Where? Which public Education? What have they done to fail? I'm from a small state which has been about improving it's schools since 1999, and now has other states visiting to see how it can be done. Is every school perfect in Arkansas? of course not. Do you know what an EAST Lab is? I would direct your attention to the website: East Initiative. Also it wouldn't hurt on the data side of things if you visited the NORMES website. Folks all over this nation need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. It already exists in many locations (places doing it the right way). 90/90/90 schools: 90% poverty, 90% minority students, and 90% proficient (these are failing schools?)

  3. Elite university? Where are you from? University of Phoenix is not "elite." Nearly everyone and anyone gets accepted, including people who don't know how to write complete sentences and barely speak English. I am a UOP graduate and am slightly embarrassed to have graduated from UOP after seeing who my classmates were/are. Employers toss our resumes in the garbage when they have graduates from brick and mortar universities in the same pile. Only place having a UOP education might be extra beneficial is overseas.