Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monica Caldwell Reacts to SOS March Showcasing Worst in Teaching

I had said earlier that I would not be attending the dreadful Save Our Schools March in Washington this past Saturday.  I can see now that I clearly made the right decision.   According to park service officials, approximately 8,000 teachers came to the nation's capital to see among others, Hollywood's number one jerk Matt Damon talk about education.   I find this laughable.  As a Hollywood actor, what does he know about teaching?  He needs to make some movies and leave education policy to the think tanks, philanthropists, politicians, and pundits.

What is probably most shocking is that teachers find Matt Damon to be a fitting role model for today's youth.  I did a little research on Mr. Damon and what I found was shocking.  Apparently, a late night comedian named Jimmy Kimmel was having a committed long term relationship with a comedian named Sarah Silverman (or so he thought).  While this was going on, Matt Damon and Ms. Silverman were actually involved in an elicit relationship.   They actually broke it to Kimmel live on his television show.   This is the kind of influence that's appropriate for kids.  Check out this clip of Mr. Hollywood admitting to the affair and showing absolutely no remorse of his actions.  The end is particularly shocking:

Petty? He's not the one who was having an affair. I lost all credibility for Matt Damon when I heard of this sleazy behavior. You can find the disgusting video that they showed here, but even with swearing bleeped out by the network, it's very disturbing.

Now, the march itself was almost as disturbing. It seemed to be one long diatribe to preserve the status quo, which is the education system exactly as it is now or I guess exactly as it was 15 years ago before reform, which is going great and will be perfected very soon.

One final note.  I heard a lot of teachers at the march complaining about the use of test scores for accountability with the complaint that the scores were out of the teacher's control.  Some new data from Washington, DC shows that many teachers rated poorly last year were rated very highly this year and vice versa.  It just goes to show you how much teachers can improve when they buckle down or decline when they slack off.


  1. U R a disgusting web site owned and paid for by Billionairs n i don't care if U erase this whats news? Thats what Rheeformers do... erase the truth ti the top. Get a life!

  2. I was wondering how you came to be an expert on education. According to your profile, you have spent one entire year out off your total of 25 years on Earth as a teacher, and before that you managed a gym for two years after majoring in philosophy.

    And I hate to break it to you but you did not "literally" learn a ton about teaching.

    I have over twenty years of teaching with a minor in English. I'd be happy to help you with that "literally" thing.

    Also, the Matt Damon thing was a spoof, and was followed up with a spoof of Jimmy Kimmel Ben Affleck. It was a joke.

    Also, your information about DC teachers jumps to an illogical conclusion. They didn't exactly "buckle down". Some teachers are now being investigated for test tampering. A conclusion that could be drawn if this is true might be that teachers were under a lot of pressure over test scores and "buckled" under the pressure. Both your viewpoint and mine are unsupported.

    You really should do your research before you rant.

  3. Geez, the more I read, the smarter I got. I guess I'm the one who should have done my research, and I'm the one who needs to get the joke. My humble apologies.

  4. hahaha, you have my total support in the war against education!