Sunday, January 23, 2011

LS4C1 announces exciting new test grid wallpaper

 We hear at LastStand are very excited to announce a partnership with Pearson Testing International to produce this fine one of a kind wallpaper based on the latest educational research into the learning styles of infants.   While many toddlers love to color on walls, their skills at taking bubble sheet style exams are lacking.  This often causes schools to have to evaluate them using alternative means like DIBELS. 

This high quality wallpaper allows children to learn how to completely and precisely fill in test bubbles while taking part in that age old practice of coloring on their walls.  Best of all, the wallpaper is made of a special formula developed in conjunction with the Colorform Corporation that will allow crayon, ink, and paint to wash off with a damp rag.  
If you are a tiger mother who wants to give her child a leg up or just a caring parent who wishes to prepare his/her child for the high stakes testing that awaits her in school, our new test grid wallpaper is for you.   Look for this exciting product coming soon from Last Stand for Children First


  1. How about toilet paper with the multiplication tables (elementary school) and periodic table (high school), so students can use every spare moment for study?

  2. I didn't think we taught multiplication anymore.